#RP Technik

rp fineline 70D

Wärmegedämmtes Konstruktionssystem für Stahltüren mit extrem schmalen Ansichtsbreiten für anspruchsvolle Neubauprojekte und denkmalpflegerische Sanierungen.

Planning advantages

Extremely slim face widths of 45 mm (leaf-frame combination)
Large dimensions are possible due to patented composite technology for thermally insulated profiles
5 different glazing bead contours, identical for windows and doors
3 design variants for lock case integration
Stainless steel barrel hinges of only 15 mm in diameter; can optionally be coated in every RAL colour
Homogeneous outer appearance due to concealed drainage
70 mm profile depth
3 optional threshold solutions for rp fineline 70D doors: “normal threshold”, “zero threshold” and “old building threshold”

Performance characteristics

Resistance under wind load : ≤C3 / B3
Air permeability : ≤3
Watertightness : ≤4A
Impact strength : 1
Thermal transmittance : Uf≥ 1.7 W/m²K

Processing advantages

Clip-on glazing beads for tool-free installation
Insertable gaskets
Dry and wet glazing is possible for frames and leaves
Moulded parts for double casement variants and gaskets


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