Project Description

Our door level handles are available as sprung and unsprung and made of solid metal, featuring our signature knurled pattern for an amazing feel at every touch. These handles for doors work with all internal doorways and can smoothly be matched with our other hardware door accessories. Door lever handles come in steel, brass, smoked bronze and black, to elegantly work with the finishes of our other hardware ranges.

Furniture Knob /  Plate / Steel

Furniture Knob /  Plate / Brass

Closet Bar / Black

Closet Bar / Brass

Closet Bar / Smoked Bronze

Closet Bar / Steel

Door Lever Handle / Black

Door Lever Handle / Brass

Door Lever Handle / Smoked Bronze

Door Lever Handle / Steel

Furniture Knob /  Plate / Black

Furniture Knob /  Plate / Smoked Bronze

Pull bar / Smoked Bronze

T Bar Cross / Brass

T Bar Cross / Smoked Bronze

T Bar Cross / Steel